Easter lunch/dinner - 31st March 2024

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Aug 30, 2023
I wanted a change this year, took my son and daughter out for lunch in a lovely restaurant in our town nearby. Huge portions, as you can see, we each chose different dishes.

Paccheri gustosi (calamari, aubergines and provola)

Gnocchi with a pumpkin and sausage creamy sauce.

"Scialatielli" with sausage, mushrooms, creamy parmesan sauce.

We shared two delicious "frittatine" for starters. They are a type of mini pasta omelettes/souffles.
These ones were made with "bucatini", one was filled with burrata and pistacchio, the other one with cacio e pepe.

A very good Falanghina to drink, too.

My dish was the first one. Yummy, yummy, all very yummy. 😋


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I made myself some guacamole to snack on today, after I came in from outside. I thawed some cherry tomatoes and some Hanoi Market peppers (my favorite in guac) from last year, and I used some fresh garlic chives - my favorite thing to add the onion flavor to guac. As much as I like garlic, I'm not a fan of adding raw garlic to guac, but this gives just enough of that flavor. I'll have another generous serving later.
Dinner means the last evening meal to many people. Lots of people don't use the word supper at all.
I grew up with the word "dinner" for the evening meal. I know some people don't use the word supper. I also know that some people only use the word dinner to mean a hot meal in the middle of the day.
The brother-in-law made lasagna and garlic bread for supper. It was good. He lives alone in the house he lived in with his parents. He really misses his mum since she passed early last year. He also much prefers cooking for more than just himself, so it made him happy to feed us. He and his mum used to take turns cooking for the two of them.
Since I had already kind of made my Eastery Sheet pan ham and sweet potatoes and green beans earlier in the week and I'm still eating on it, since I woke up craving barbecued smoked turkey sandwich, I ordered some in and had that in made frozen tater tots with cheddar and ranch dressing just for myself of course.
I don't use the word "supper" much either, my daytime meal is lunch and my evening meal (lighter) is dinner. There's always been a confusion with using the words lunch/ dinner for afternoon meals and dinner/ supper for evening meals. It depends on so many things really, on which word you choose: which time of day do you have your main meal? British or American English? How were you brought up, referring to these mealtimes? Then obviously, "Dinner" can be referred to both meals: afternoon or evening. I remember in London, some families, especially in the East End, used to call their evening meal "tea". In schools, it was "dinner time" at 1pm (not good memories 😕).
I grew up with the word "dinner" for the evening meal. I know some people don't use the word supper. I also know that some people only use the word dinner to mean a hot meal in the middle of the day.

When my family moved to Texas, I first heard dinner described as the midday meal, if it was a substantial meal. It was lunch if it was just something like a sandwich. An evening meal was supper. That seemed to be a common Southern thing.

At one time my father came home at about noon for a hot meal, and I believe we called it supper. But while coming home at noon from school it was called lunch. I also remember it being called supper for the evening meal. In Germany and Quebec they were different again. So it all really depends on the individual and what they grew up with.

No, you can't have that cookie and spoil your supper! Go outside and play, I will call you when dinner is ready!

random thoughts - spoil your supper - dinner is ready! dinner is served.

It is a 'dinner plate' not a supper plate.
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