Egg Noodles in A Slow Cooker

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Apr 10, 2011
I am making slow cooker/crock pot beef stroganoff. The directions were pretty much for the sauce, but I thought what the hey, I'll throw the egg noodles in too instead of boiling them separately. I put in about half a pound, and they are all now very small or dissolved into the sauce. Whoops? Is this basically the equivalent of adding massive amounts of flour to the sauce?

I now plan on cooking more noodles separately.

But it's weird it will be like I am eating double noodles, but not really. Thoughts?
You just melted a whole bunch of starch (flour and egg yolks) into your Stroganoff. The effect is like adding a thickener. No real harm done except perhaps a mushy taste to the sauce.

A lesson learned! ;) :chef:
Thanks for the laugh. As soon as I saw your title I knew what had happened. Sorry, but it was a good laugh.
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