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Jul 24, 2010
SARZANA, La Spezia
Eggplant is one of my favorite appetizers. Just slice them, grill and top them with some pesto sauce. I use Barilla pesto sauce diluted with more extra virgin olive oil. Easy and tasty.


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I love eggplant, nobody else here appreciates it. So, I need to get small ones that I can eat on my own. Yours look divine!
I make a paste of tomatoe and red bell peppers and garlic and then spread over egg plant, super yum.
Barilla and Buitoni are the two commercially made pesto sauces that I have tried and been satisfied with. I always have one jar going to which I constantly add olive oil for any use in cooking. These are grilled eggplants with melted cheese.


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I also like them topped with a slice of tomato and one of cheese. After grillling the slices of eggplant, top with the tomato and cheese (I use mozzerella, but there are some great Mexican melting cheeses), the run under the broiler until bubbly. Good appetizer, also between slices of bread for a wonderful sandwich.
I like to make and eggplant sandwich, use tither a small or a med sized and Bake in oven with evoo,garlic crushed and home made basil pesto, a nice slice of buffalow mozzarella or your favorite melting cheese.Yop with a second slice of eggplant and ejoy
I use everything fresh, but I cook tomatoe, peppers and garlic with seasoning together, more like a sautee.
Armanino brand pesto is the best I have found.
It is sold in the freezer section.
I like the jarred o.k. but the frozen is pretty close to fresh.The color of the frozen one is alot brighter too.
My wife Loves pesto, believe me if we had it here it would be a staple on my shelf, Barilla is one of my favorite products. Both pasta and sauces.
If you can't find it but your store carries Barilla you can ask to see if they will get it in.

Who knows...
I often dice some eggplant and lightly fry (evoo) it together with bean sprouts, onions and garlic.
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