favorite junk foods?

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I like FF with gravy sometimes.. along side a really good hot turkey sammich.. or hot beef sammich.

I also love Cheez-its, Doritoes, and pizza dunked in french-onion dip.
onion rings; french fries with chopped parsley, evoo and garlic; these cute little things my aunt makes with oyster crackers, oil, and lipton dry onion soup; McD's big and tasty with extra onions and cheese, fries and a milk shake; french fries with country gravey and crispy shallots. Lay's original potatoe chips dipped in chunky trader joe's peanutbutter or almond butter.
norgeskog said:
pdswife1 said:
vanilla ice cream
chocolate pudding ( warm)

chips and dip (onion or clam)

Hey pdswife1, chocolate pudding and vanilla ice cream are not junk foods, they are food groups IMHO.

Oh GOOD! Then I can eat them both more often.

We have an ice cream store here in town.. It's called Cold Stone.
You pick your flavor of ice cream and the any toppings that you want are mixed in with it. They always look at me like I"m crazy when I say "just a scoop of vanilla!


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