Fibrox knives okay?

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Jun 18, 2011
I'm new to this forum; found it doing research on Cutco knives because of a question on a bread making forum.

I've been using Victorinox Fibrox knives for a number of years with great results. I only have the 8" Chef's, paring, and curved bread knives. I've been so happy with them that I've even given a few to friends and relatives.

My question is for those of you that shun stamped knives, even those that cut very nicely, are comfortable to handle, and even hold an edge very nicely. They also regain a very nice edge with my Spyderco Sharpmaker.

I've bought some cheap forged knives from places like Target in the past like Chef-Mate. I have always avoided any hollow ground pieces. The most amazing thing I found was that the cheaper (non-hollow ground) sets performed and felt much better than the premium sets. They won't even take a good edge with my sharpener.

I understand people swearing by the big names, but I just can't justify those prices. The only thing I've splurged on is my steel, an F. Dick multi-cut.
F. Dick makes some pretty nice sharpening steels. I prefer Spyderco's flat ceramic stones to their Sharpmaker. I sharpen most all my knives so that they will cut through 4 layers of a cocktail napkin with little or no pressure. Gotta go now: I have to touch up my Dexter steak knife for the rib steak I'm grilling tonight.
I must have missed your question :huh:
I don't shun anyone's anything anyway. As long as it works and you're happy with it. It's all good to me.
Nice pun, BTW ;)
Fibrox makes good knives. As long as your're happy, there's no need to compare them to anything else.

I have Henckels that I'm happy with. Other have Japanese knives they love.

I use the Lansky system to sharpen my knives. I'm happy with that system.

Lansky is certainly a well known name; but Spyderco markets (or used to market) 'stones' that can be used dry. A full set of Spyderco's (medium, fine and extra fine) runs about $90.
your fibrox are top quality food service industry knives. I use em all the time. The F Dick steels are amazing! btw. :)
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