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Aug 28, 2005
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For a long time, these were the only salts in the cupboard and Morton Kosher was virtually the only one I ever used. Ever since the sauerkraut adventure I've been second-guessing that decision. Many years ago I routinely bought Diamond Crystal Kosher from a butcher shop but don't get over that-a-way anymore and Kroger doesn't sell it. Both the salts pictured above contain anti-caking agents. I haven't seen explicit explanations for why it is so but most all the fermentation bloggers say that isn't a good thing.

Related issue: Many years ago in another forum, I was involved in a discussion about "finishing salt," specifically fleur de sel. Today if you buy it in smallish quantities appropriate for an old man cooking for himself, it's going for about $40 per pound. Thought then and think now that's just out of the question as a matter of principle. But whilst thinking about salt, I've noticed Maldon Salt, Sea Salt Flakes. Still expensive mind you, but about a quarter of the fleur de sel price, and like those fancy salt guys said, "you don't use very much of it."

So I tossed some Diamond Crystal and Maldon Flakes in the Amazon cart and will pull the trigger tomorrow or so unless someone or something changes my mind.

Any thoughts?
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I bought some Maldon sea salt flakes a while back and I really like it. The crystals are bigger and more randomly shaped, so they do have a nice crunch. I also have Diamond Crystal - can't remember where I got it. I use it for recipes from and others that use it specifically.

Tap the buy button ;)
Now a days I only use Diamond Crystal. IIRC it is over two times the volume of table salt, where Morton is only about 1.3. This means I can really coat food without oversalting. Great texture, and even works well for margarita glasses.

Like most pantry items I buy it from Walmart online. Prices are way better than local grocery store, and 2-3 day delivery is free when you spend 35 bucks.
I use Diamond Crystal exclusively for cooking. We can get it on our supermarket.

I don’t use specialty salts.
I use pickling salt. I had five pound bag of Bernardin coarse pickling salt that lasted for years. I am currently using Windsor coarse pickling salt. Pickling salt is just NaCl, no iodine, no anti-caking ingredients. I like the straight flavour of the pickling salt. I also use Kalas Classic sea salt with iodine. It's not fancy or expensive and it doesn't have anti-caking ingredients. We have never had a problem with salt caking in the shaker package.
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I’ve only used Diamond Kosher for maybe 20 years now. For cooking.

I have some pink salt and other finishing salts for, well, finishing.

It’s insane that recipes call for “Himalayan” salt and other pricey salts in cooked dishes.

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