Finished Pic's In - WSM Day . . . Pork, Beef & Turkey

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Smokey Lew

Head Chef
Jan 10, 2010
Southern California - Riverside
What's laying around in the fridge? . . . a defrosted 9.5 lb. turkey breast roast, a 6.25 lb. pork butt and a 2.5 lb. chunk of brisket left over from making sausage yesterday. Solution? . . . load everything into the WSM and be done with it!

Seasoned the turkey with Wolf Rub Citrus, the pork butt with Suckle Busters Hog Waller and the brisket with their Competition BBQ Rub. Added some pecan wood to the Royal Oak lump charcoal for smoke. We shell see . . .

Pork butt on lower rack.

Turkey breast roast and tiny brisket on top rack.

We shall see . . .

Five hours into cook and turkey is done.

Pulled turkey roast and moved pork butt to top rack. Temp. probe goes into mini-brisket.

Sliced turkey plated for dinner. Disappointing results. Turkey breast roast was in freezer way to long before I decided to do something with it. Even at best, Turkey breast roast is just that . . . turkey breast roast. :cry: I'll slice it up for cold lunch meat. It may be better that way.

Brisket pulled after 8 hours and internal temp of 200 degrees. Wrapped it in foil and then a towel to cool down before slicing it up to sample. Came out tender and it had a nice flavor. Going to reheat with some Walter Jetton's Barbecue Mop (thanks bigwheel) and see how it comes out. Made the mop a few months ago and chucked it in the freezer to play around with. Just sampled brisket reheated w/ mop . . . delicious!

Pulled pork after 8.5 hours and finished in a 250 degree oven until internal temp. of 195 reached . . . I didn't feel like adding more fuel to the WSM. Wrapped it in foil and a towel and let it cool for about an hour before pulling. Photo taken this morning. Going to season it up a bit and make pork enchiladas for Easter lunch.

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Thanks for all your comments. :D
Re: WSM Day . . . Pork, Beef & Turkey

Looks great can't wait to see the pics, can't wait for you to describe the taste to us power folks
Re: WSM Day . . . Pork, Beef & Turkey

You are an Equal Opportunity Smoker making great use of the day. I know the results will be super, but I will be anxious to see all of it.
Re: WSM Day . . . Pork, Beef & Turkey

Look'n good, can't wait to see the final pix!
Great job Lew ! Everything looks wonderful and yummy !

So, why did Larry sell his WSM ? And Andy, you really don't know what you're missing ;)
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