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Sep 17, 2004
I am not a wine person but I saw Sutter Home's fre' series of Brut, white Zinfandale, Chardonay and merlot's. I don't really want to be a wine person but I wanted to see what was out there that I could drink besides martinalli's. I don't like, bitter or sour taste so i didn't like chardonay. I opened the Brut, next , which I am so so about, I am drinking it straight from the bottle as I write this.
My wife tells me the merlot and the zifandale are both going to be bitter so I'll probably leave them to her.
The question is what can I try, that isn't really alchol by sorta grape juicey?
I also am not a huge wine drinker but I do appreciate the odd glass, but I much prefer something non-alcoholic with my food since, at least to me, alcohol does not lend itself well to the taste of food.

Perhaps, to ease yourself into wine drinking you could try some rose (otherwise known as blush) wines?

The biggest example of rose wines is...white zinfandel. This wine should not be that bitter, it lends itself more to a sweeter and fresher taste.
White Zinfandel is known for being a sweeter taste, and Sutter Home is a good place to start. Their fre line isn't bad at all. Generally speaking, a red will be more bitter or tart than a white & a chardonnay is considerably a stronger flavor than zin.

Here's a good one, if you want to try the real thing. Sutter Home Moscatto.
It's a late harvest wine, which means the grapes have hung out on the vine way longer than typically is necessary, which provides a much sweeter taste. (Think of how sweet raisins are compared to grapes)
This wine is great with a semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate dessert.
You can also cut it with a sparkling water for fun as well.

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