Freezing Canned Biscuits?

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Sep 6, 2017
Las Vegas
I found a recipe for no-fry apple fritters that looks sweet and easy. It’s made using canned biscuits. I’m gonna try it using frozen cherries instead of apples, and switching out the almonds for the pecans.

Can canned biscuits be frozen, though? I know it says, in rather large letters, DO NOT FREEZE, but a google search revealed that a lot of people actually DO freeze them. I’d love to take a roll out of the freezer the night before, then quickly make these fritters for breakfast the next morning. Has anyone tried freezing canned biscuits?

Also, I’m a bit worried that frozen cherries might be too wet, and all I’ll create is a soggy mess! What do you think, DC denizens?
Thaw and drain the cherries before adding them. That should help with the moisture level.
You could also cook the fritters first, then freeze them.
Why do you want to freeze the biscuits? They'll keep for several days in the fridge and it's just as easy to make them from fresh. Easier, even, since you won't have to remember to take them out of the freezer the night before.

Just because everyone else is jumping off a cliff, I mean freezing biscuits, doesn't mean it's a good idea ;)
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