Friday, Feb. 9, '24 Dinner

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Mar 25, 2008
Potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, mushrooms, peppers. Tofu almond milk batter w/spices and herbs.
I made some veggie stock, so I could make gravy with BTB, the veggie stock, mushroom seasoning, fish sauce, Worcestershire, and a blob of butter. I heated the leftover meatloaf, and the leftover Greek roast potatoes from a resto order. I nuked an Indian ready meal of butter chickpeas, and put the rest of the dolmades out of a can and some pickled beets on the table too.
Can't remember last time I went out but on the way home from watching grandkids at "Kids Strong" we stopped at a little family diner. I had the Friday night special of Fish and Chips.
I nearly fell off my seat - it was a HUGE serving of 2 pieces of Cod (I think) and chips. It was delicious! They were whole fillets with a great batter, deep fried but not greasy. I could only eat one - it was that big. My granddaughter looked at it so I gave half of the other piece and said try it - if you don't like it give it back! She ate the whole thing and was eyeballing the other half, which I promptly removed from her reach. LOL She had already finished her own plate of ... grilled cheese and something (?) and was working on a huge plate of sweet potato fries that was shared by all.
I'll have the other left-over half for lunch (or maybe breakfast).

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