Friday July 1st - dinner anyone?

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Oct 31, 2006
Newport News, VA
For once, I have a plan! I put a pork butt into the slow cooker this morning for pulled pork sandwiches. We'll have baked beans and fruit salad with it. It's smelling really good right about now!
I got somebody to sub in for me for my gig in Ottawa today so I have the day off. The Nation's Capital on Canada Day, plus the Royal couple are visiting, that is the last place I want to be trying to drive around, park and unload a drumset. It was on one of the outdoor stages right downtown. No thanks! There are Canada Day festivities at the community centre just around the corner form my place. They have bbq and live music all day and night, so I will head over there to support the Recreation Association. And then over to the beer gardens to get caught up on all of the village gossip. Then, just a quick stagger home after the fireworks tonight.
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The original plan was that SO and I would walk to our local joint for dinner tonight. She called to say she was feeling poorly due to allergies so I told her to scrub the restaurant idea. She resisted but I may end up putting burgers on the grill.
I had put some garbanzo marbles on for a quick soak and plan on making some hummus later today. Then a neighbor stopped by and invited me to her house for dinner at 6:00. I'll be there:).
I don't know yet but I am off to the local farm stand to get some produce, I don't feel like driving all the way to the farmer's market this afternoon so the closer stand will have to do.
Hopefully they will inspire me with their selection.
Tonight's Dinner

This week has been an amazingly rough week so much so that my DH has been getting take-out for me. Tonight I hope I get to cook for him even though this is our usual date night - he certainly deserves it!

I'm thinking veggie quesadillas with beans.

I might be willing to bet money though that he has something planned to make sure I get enough rest. :heart: We shall see what happens!
We went down to NY yesterday to pick up a couple of packages at UPS. While there, we also picked up some chicken drumsticks. I'm marinading them in buttermilk to which I added curry and some masala. Those are going on the grill (I might cook them in a muffin tin standing up...we'll see). They will be served with a dipping sauce of greek yogurt, lemon, and more curry and masala. We'll see how those turn out. Probably have a garden salad and fresh bok choy with those.
I'm thinking of grilling a steak, some bacon wrapped asparagus and some shrimp.
That is subject to change though.
I am having a hard time committing to anything. I was thinking burgers and pasta salad for dinner, then chicken and a salad, now I am thinking about not cooking at all and having leftovers. what to do, what to do :ermm:
i will have so many choices that i will have to wait to decide. getting groceries today and will be able to pick what i want. love grocery day. french bread pizza comes to mind. pecan ice cream for dessert.
WOW, did they ever have great sales at the grocery today! I got great prices on ribs, tri tips, and chicken thighs for several meals. I'm marinating chicken thighs to go on the grill later, and making fresh corn, pea and tomato salad (very pretty). Wish I had some of that bacon wrapped asparagus, Pac! I love asparagus as long as it's not past crisp tender, and I think the oven method is the only way to fly.
lol, The man patio... that just don't sound right. Maybe only two steps better than the man gazebo ;)
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