Fried Chicken Thighs

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Executive Chef
Oct 7, 2009
San Diego CA
IMO best way to do fried chicken is on the grill, no messy grease splatter to clean up, can let the chicken finish cooking indirect without the batter burning, and the chicken gets a light smoky taste to it too.

Chicken dredged in some Louisiana Chicken Fry and then fried in a CI skillet and finished up indirect.

Chicken done and resting. Actually there are a few more pieces on the grill, but enough are done for me to take this pic and start eating, I was hongry!!

Plated with some Red beans and rice that was cooked on the grill too, and collard green that were done on the stove.
WOW!!! Beautiful plate...that is some real comfort food!! Thanks for posting this wonderful treat.

Looks great. You should try that for contest cooking sometime if you aint already. Betcha it would be the grand prize winner. Seems to conform to the rules since your cooking over wood and or charcoal.

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