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Aug 26, 2004
GW’s GCCConvenienceBeverage

Beverage – Strawberry.Banana/White Chocolate Parfait

This came out fairly tasty, after it was mixed.

Selecting ingredients from a convenience store can be tricky. For beverages, there are a host of things to drink, both with and without alcohol. I looked at the offerings at the Holiday Convenience store for some time before deciding what I wanted to make. And this is the result.

Like Kahtleen, I started with a “Naked” brand, no sugar added, smoothie. My choice was the strawberry-banana flavor. I brought it home, opened it, and found it somewhat sour, with poor flavor. But it was what I had. So I started thinking. Yeh, I know. Thinking can be a dangerous thing. But unlike Kathleen, I had no royalty to entertain, and so could make things up as I went.

I had purchased for my desert, banana’s from Holiday, that I didn’t end up using. I also had some Jello brand sugar-free instant Cheesecake pudding, and some milk, which is far cheaper at holiday than at the supermarket. So I decided on a parfait-smoothie form my beverage. Here’s my take on the quality.

The parfait was very smooth and creamy. The mouth-feel was truly outstanding. The flavor on the other hand, due to the lackluster, and too sour Naked smoothie, was mediocre at best, until that is, I came to the boundary layer between the banana/white chocolate jello, and the smoothie. Where the two combined was a pretty tasty flavor combination. So I stirred it all together and said “Ahhhh!” when I finished drinking it.

Anyways, here’s the recipe and technique:
15.2 fluid oz. Naked Strawberry/Banana Smoothie
1 pkg. Jello Instant Pudding, White Chocolate flavor
1 ripe banana
8 oz. 2% milk

Combine the milk, pudding, and banana in a blender. Process until creamy smooth. Put into a bowl for easy access, and cool in the fridge.

Put the smoothie into the freezer for twenty minutes to make very cold.

Spoon ¼ cup pudding into a large, glass tumbler, followed by the same amount of smoothie. Repeat the layers until the glass tumble is filled. Make a heart on top with the pudding. Serve ice cold and if the smoothie part is too tart, stir it all together in the glass. Then, enjoy that smooth and creamy, just sweet and tart enough drink.

I feel that this drink would have been improved by adding a little of that home made ice cream that I made for the desert; but then, it wouldn’t have been a beverage.

One caution, this is a substantial drink. Don’t have it after a heavy meal.

Seeeeeya; Goodweed of the North


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Dec 6, 2009
Mid-Atlantic, USA
Like MA, I love the layers and the little heart! I'm pea-green with envy over the flavored instant pudding. I felt like I won the lotto finding the plain vanilla! Especially after being denied twinkies!!! Pretty Beverage!
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