German Pumpkin Soup

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Nov 24, 2004
@Mods: If this doesn't fit in here and should be
posted under "ethnical food" tell me. I'm new here,
but this one is not particullarily german it's
just european.

For about 20 servings:

5 pounds of pumpkin (muscat), cut into cubes
2 Cups vegetable soup (self-made of course ;), rather concentrated)
2 Cups whipped cream
3 minced Onions
2 slices of garlic
Some butter and alt

1) Put some butter in a larger pot on medium heat
2) Put in pumpkin and glace a little
3) add onions
- It shouldn't become brown! -
5) Add soup
6) Cook on medium/low heat until pumpkin begins
to fall apart
7) Mix everything until no junks are left (food-processor)
8 ) Add most of whipped cream

Serve on a soup-dish with a coupe of whipped cream ontop,
maybe some pumpkin-seed-oil(?-Translation?).
Croutons are also very nice.

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