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I am sorry to hear about that. I haven't been around here much for the last years, but he was a constant around here.
He will be missed a lot.
Hello Everyone,

Many of you have been long time friends of my dad, known here as Chief Longwind (and previously Goodweed of the North). He passed away last night in his sleep. I want you to know that he loved being part of this group and you all mattered to him. He loved sharing recipes and cooking tips, techniques, and just enjoying the company and camaraderie of everyone in this community. He always spoke fondly of this forum. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to his life and joy over the years, I cannot express the positive impact you've had on his life.

Love to you all,
His love of life, his kindness, his memories jotted down, his hobbies, I just don't know what else to add on top of all the others. I'm so sorry for your loss, he will be sorely missed on this forum.
cjmmytunes, I didn't realize your mother had also passed. My most sincere condolences. It is so very hard to lose a parent.

Peace for them, peace for you and your families.
Like others, I am very sorry to hear that Chief is no longer with us. I've been afk for a while, and this is sad news to return to see. My best to his family. He will be missed.
I am so sorry. I've been away and had no idea what was happening here. Jess, please accept my condolences. Your father was a great man. I still use his recipes, the he shared publicly and some privately. May his memory be for a blessing.
Very sad.
May his memory be for a blessing
I don't know why this is the only part of Charlie's reply that got quoted, but it was the part I wanted to reply to.

We should all try to emulate @Chief Longwind Of The North's generosity and kindness. At least, those of us who have seen it in action and at least here on Discuss Cooking.
It was lovely to read these messages. I hope you all know how much you meant to my dad as well. This forum brought him joy and comfort through some very difficult things and times and was a wonderful place to share happy times as well. You made his life richer and better and I can't thank you all enough.

Thank you.

Lisa (aka Sprout)

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