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Sep 11, 2006
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For a long time, we've been availing ourselves of an online pet supply source called "Chewy." They offer pet foods, meds, toys, along with other assorted pet goodies.

We use their auto-ship feature, which is especially convenient in that our regular items are sent to us on a schedule at our choice and at a small discount. With the number of pets we have and how our orders end up, we also get free shipping. Nothing like having some of the heavier things being delivered to our door! At our age, there's little fun in lifting a heavy bag of food or litter out of the trunk of the car.

As many of you know, our sweet Sparky died on November 4th. I called Chewy to tell them to take him off our order list. The girl I spoke to nearly cried and offered her condolences. This is just an example of how caring and helpful EVERYONE has been at Chewy.

Two days later, we received a lovely bouquet of 12 peach/salmon-colored roses in his honor.

Now...how's that for customer service?!!

10 days+ later, they are still beautiful!


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I was impressed when our vet sent us a condolence card after the death of one of our pets. This is above and beyond. They're beautiful.
We order pet supplies from Chewy and have never been disappointed. They are never "out of stock", they ship promptly, the prices comparable to the local groceries, and the flea treatments are much less expensive than from the vet. I love our vet, but I don't plan to buy her a Mercedes!
Sorry you lost your pet, but Chewy's response probably made you feel a bit better.
Arbor Day Foundation plants trees in the forest to honor pets. Luckily none of the forest have burned with our trees. Someone I visit has Chewy boxes stored in their garage.​

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