Great British Baking Show - Can we discuss Mexican' week?

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How did this beloved show go so wrong?

Bake Off’s Mexican week made CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) Vancouver today, and not in a good way. The commentator used the word ‘Travesty’ a few times. Called it insensitive, bordering on racist, with appalling pronunciations of ‘wako mollie’, complete ignorance of pico de gallo and tortillas. Both bakers and hosts treated tacos as an alien food, seen for the first time by humans.
The reviewer went on this this for a while, and then asked, how did this once-beloved show go so wrong? Only the return of Mary Berry, Mel and Sue could bring this show back to the very sweet and heart-warming show of baking skill that it once was.
He did not hold back.

Here’s CBC Radio’s Mexican Bake-Off review — it’s after the Taylor Swift piece:
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