Greens for Stir Fry

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I use a lot of bok choy, as well as a type of napa I grow. But a favorite of mine is one not found in stores often, though it's started showing up more recently. It's a frilly Japanese mustard green - mizuna - that I grow indoors in the off season, in hydroponics. Here it is outside:
The largest of the green mizuna plants, 6-11 by pepperhead212, on Flickr

This can be chopped up fine, and doesn't turn to mush quickly, like spinach, and is good in stir-fries, and the stems keep some crunch to them. I also use them in a lot of Indian sabzis (sort of like dry curries), as well other dishes in place of spinach. I have also used them in a lot of salads - sometimes with lettuce, sometimes by themselves. Definitely my favorite greens, if I had to pick one of all those I grow. Like many, they grow right back, like weeds!
I like to add snow peas and kale. Large leaf kale if I have it.

The thing about greens is they cook fast. Put them in last.
Last night, while discussing this with The Man, I remembered we also have freeze-dried spinach. I love tossing in a handful of it into many dishes, it's chopped so fine it almost disintegrates, but you still get the nutritional benefits from it. He liked that idea a lot, lol.

We do have a freeze dryer and I could do this with other leafy greens.
Dragnlaw: This beast of a machine.

The end product is great. The Man went so far as to put ice cream sandwiches in there, which was fun.

What we don't like is it's very noisy, and takes well over 24 hours to freeze dry anything, and the more water content, the longer it takes. Right now we're figuring out why the door won't seal properly. Luckily, it didn't ruin the salmon and bison we had in there. Froze it solid as a rock and that was all.

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