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Feb 3, 2006
Warren, Mi.
I for one would like to see the brisket flats you have brining. :mrgreen:
I want to try this myself around St. Patty's Day. 8)
Not a lot to see. Two "severly trimmed" flats resting in brine in a tupperware container. I used this recipe, modifying only to a longer soak as suggested by Rag. They've been in the brine 6 days. I flip 'em and trade top for bottom every two days. I'm going to pull them out of the brine in 10 or 11 days. I'm planning to make pastrami out of one of them.

You really use "Foat Wuth" tap water?
Looking forward to the finito product. ;)
Nick Prochilo said:
You can get "Foat Wuth" water anyplace. Just dip a cup into your toilet and let the magic begin!
Griff. any chance of getting some of that water delivered? ;)
Yeah I got them out of the brine the middle of last week but forgot to take a pic. The color looked even but a perfect storm struck at work and all I had time to do was stick them in the freezer. My partner was out of town on work and, of course, a couple of his cases blew up in his absence, another lawyer was out with the flu, and my main paralegal lost her mother. Long story short, Griff has been doing of four for the last 10, or so days. But the good news is I still have a great job.

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