Gumbo. Is File powder worth it?

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Not sure why you chose cornstarch. Gumbo is traditionally thickened with a roux. Filé can be cooked into the gumbo or served at the table for a final seasoning.
A roux loses its thickening ability the darker it gets.

I’ve never used file, the okra thickens the soup quite well. I’ve read that using both okra and file is a no-no. Don’t know how true that is.
you can use file' with okra all file' is, is sasafras leaves ground into a powder. and yes the darker the roux the less thickening powder it has but the more richness the flavor is. I tend to like more of a blonde roux kinda in between no darker then that of chocolate milk. also the darker you go the more chance you will burn it.
For chicken and andouille gumbo, I take the roux to a dark red-brown. As soon as the vege goes in, it gets darker. Once the stock goes in the gumbo, it takes on a nice brown gravy color. Every gumbo I've made has the consistency of soup. Now etouffee is meant to be thick and I use a peanut butter colored roux. Although I've never had it, I think turtle soup in Cajun country is meant to be on the thicker side.
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