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Aug 20, 2021
Somewhere in the PNW

Happy Birthday CG! Hope your day is a great one!
Hi Guys! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had one kid at this table this year - Goober. Just offer him food and he shows up! :LOL: He also has a day job, unlike Loverly and her hubby who work retail. Well, she and her gang were all here for Mom's day, and he was sick, so it all balances it out.

I spent weeks trying to decide what to do for "CG's Birth Week" celebrations. I kinda wanted to go to Granvillle OH to poke around and stay at one of their fine hotels. Nah, we won't do that. Besides, they market it "like New England in Ohio". Been there, done that IN New England. Then I was thinking of the different restaurants that we might want to pick from. Some were too fancy for my current wardrobe (Lowe's? Fine! Clothes shopping. Nah, I'll pass.). Some seemed a little too chi-chi - heavy on style, light on quantity. "You want how much for that one scallop on a puddle of something...green." Two days before I told Himself that I was going to go down to the butcher that raises and slaughters his own cattle and get us a couple of "hanging meat" steaks (for less per # than grocery steaks to boot) and that he could grill them. He did indeed grill them, I made salads, and we had that with baked potatoes. Easy-peasy. And delicious.

And each year, at the end of CG's Birth Week celebrations, everyone joins in the fun by shooting off fireworks! How nice!

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