Happy Birthday mollyanne

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Hey MollyAnne, I probably have missed this in your time zone but I hope you had the best birthday ever!!!!!
Thank you everyone!
...and thank you Andy for starting the thread :)

The weather was gorgeous and I was
treated to lunch at Crook's Atrium Cafe
in Chapel Hill. I recieved some clever cards
and a fresh bouquet of 5 looong stemmed
BIG bright Sunflowers which I promptly
placed on the kitchen table in front of a
tall sunny french-paned window. The light
coming through the petals made them
unbelievably brilliant!
Happy birthday, MollyAnn, glad to hear you had a good day! Sunflowers, that's really nice.
Well poop! I hate it when I'm late. Sorry mollyanne, hope it was a special one for a very special lady.
Dang it!! I hate that I missed your birthday MA....I hope you have a most extraordinary wonderful year.......:sorcerer::kiss::wub::flowers:

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