happy solstice

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Happy Solstice Griff. Betta start digging out them polar bear coats. When it springtime in Alaska its 40 below. Or that whut old Johnny Horton claimed in his song by the same name.

Green Hornet said:
Back at ya! Griff
What times sundown? Or does it? :D

GH Right now you can read a newspaper all night. We have a softball game that starts at midnight -- without lights.
Same to you Griff! Good luck in the game.

My neighbors grandson just moved to Alaska a week ago . He's gonna be a cop. He's from Jersey...great kid!

also if he pulls you over tell him you know me. Ive fed that boy beers B4 . :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
Steve McMurtry said:
Thanks Griff
Brings back memories of the solstice parties in Dawson(on the dome)


I'm gonna be in Dawson in about 10 days. I'll say "hi" to Gertie for you.
Black Jack or poker?
I made some cash the last time in :D
I love the guys who play with their nuggets and dust!

Have fun Griff, I'll be thinking about ya!
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