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Dec 29, 2010
Hello all,

I just made a cake and ate a load of it and its really not healthy! I want to make a better cake next time. So does anyone have any recipes for healthy ish cakes? I just made a Vasilopita which is a Greek New Years Cake and I can really taste all that white sugar so I want something that doesnt use white sugar. I am wondering whether I do the same cake but with syrup and oil instead of butter and sugar it will work too? But dont worry if you cannot answer that but know of another good recipe.

Thanks. x
I have read about using canned pumpkin in place of fat, eggs, etc. for a boxed cake mix. Someone even passed on a technique using one of the sugar free cake mixes. I've tried twice and it was awful! I just decided to bake regular cakes and make smaller ones or just eat smaller portions.

I do know applesauce can be substituted for fat in a cake recipe.
Well the naughty cake i.e the normal one cake out so good i ate a lot of it- and the one in which i used oil for butter- wholemeal mixed with plain flour and rice milk for milk with maple syrup and honey for white sugar has came out really badly. Never mind- I ll do the carrot cake some muffins or flapjack which are easier to make.

Cheers all.
Here is my opinion for what it is worth. I don't try to make decadent foods healthy. I eat them in moderation, as a special treat. I like to have things taste the way that they should. Because by the time you make a food like this "healthy" it isn't going to taste that great and it will leave you wishing you had the real deal, and if you make it just a "little more healthy" you end up losing flavor, and still having an unhealthy product.
Ditto what bakechef said. Better to only have a small piece of a well done cake than to have all of a substituted cake that tastes like...pumpkin or something. Blech.

Having said that, is the sugar your major concern or is it the fat? If you want to lower the fat, you can do that by subbing some applesauce for some of the fat. Not all, SOME. You lose taste and texture if you sub all of it out. If your concern is the sugar, well that's another story altogether. Sugar is sugar is sugar. Whether its in honey or brown or white, it has the same calories. You need to use Splenda if that is your concern.

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