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Jan 27, 2004
Long Island, NY
Hello everyone,

I have been lurking for a quite some time, never really getting involved in the discussion. But I just figured it's best to introduce myself to everyone and say, HI!

My name is Tommy, live in East Rockaway, NY. I have two Greyhounds and am actively involved in Greyhound Rescue. Here is a link to Clyde,www.dogster.com/?88890 and link to Ditto www.dogster.com/?91633 I am a huge dog nerd, and music freak.
If you have pics of your dogs please share them with me, and any music that you are into please share that too!

I look forward to sharing with everyone and also trying out some of your favorite recipes too!

P.S. I am still getting the hang of posting in this forum so bear with me if there are some broken links and dead pictures!
hiya tommymat. welcome!
umm, clyde weighs 51,100 pounds??????? what the heck did he need to be rescued from? (only kidding)

great dogs. i'm glad you're into the save a greyhound thing. they're great dogs, but are so badly treated when they're not profitable anymore. i had uncles in the horse racing business in florida, which is bad enough, but dog racing is worse.

anyway, welcome. btw, is rockaway playland still there?
What adorable dogs! I used to have a couple friends who had rescued some greyhounds. They were very sweet, and smart, dogs. If they did something they weren't supposed to do, all Lynn had to do was say, quietly, "Go to time-out," and they would go lie down in their time-out area until told to get up!

:) Barbara
a distant cousin of mine had also rescued 2 greyhounds from racing. probably 2 of the biggest babies i have ever met. really very sweet
laid back dogs. if you have it in your heart and enough room in your home please adopt one. you won't regret it.

thank you for sharing the links tommy. it's very nice to have you here.
Welcome to the site. I am sure you will love it here. East Rockaway, is that anywhere near Commack?

A friend of mine rescued a greyhound. One of the funniest things I have ever seen was when the dog got out of the house and decided to run down the street (they had only had the dog a week or two). My friend and his family decide to run after the dog. I don't know how they thought they were going to catch him, but they sure tried LOL. Luckily the dog just wanted to stretch his legs a bit and was not trying to run away. he came right back :)
welcome to you from NY. Hope you enjoy this site. Watched a replay of the Eukanuba championships from 2003, a Greyhound was in the final best of show, however, a peek won out.
Welcome to the site. My husband and I almost adopted a Greyhound but realized while we could give it a good home we were nothome enough to make it REALLY happy.

You have 2 beautiful dogs - love the pic of Itty Bitty Ditty - quite lanky looking - beautiful dogs.
Hi Tommymat. Happy you found us. I like the pics of your dogs!

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