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May 12, 2010
I'm Dawn, I live in Minnesota, and I like to cook. I've never had any training, don't do it for a living, I just like to cook and try new recipes. I enjoy baking treats for my kids and their friends, and getting them to try new foods.
I hope to learn techniques, about foods, and maybe find a mentor who can help me become a better cook. I'd really love to turn it into something I can make money at, because then I'd have a job I really love!
Thanks everyone!
Hi Dawn,
glad you've joined us. The best thing to do is ask questions and buy a basic cook book, pick a recipe and follow it through.You know your family's favorite herbs and seasonings, know the type of meats they prefer. Start there with simple recipes. If your stuck come her post your question and we will jump in and help all we can.

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