Help! I have crabs!

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on a fishin mission

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Jul 9, 2011
I have an old vertical smoker, New Braunsfel, 20 years old or so that has rusted on the interior. It is basically a member of the family. We have used it for years and had only small rust problems on the exterior but in the last 3 weeks it has gotten worked over. We use it enough to keep it seasoned and it was completely covered in years of use that created "grill scales", then crabs attacked. Went out of town the last couple weekends and went to open it this morning and there were hundreds of small crabs that had eaten off all the "grill scales" and the entire interior is rusted. Help!
Find someone who can sandblast it. Even in my little hick town, there are two listings for sandblasting in the yellow pages. Rustoleum high temp sounds like a good finish.
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