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Feb 3, 2006
Warren, Mi.
Seems you might be in the melon biz now. 8)
I picked this up this morning at the produce store.
It's called a "Santa Claus" melon. I thought my daughter would get a kick out of it. When I returned home I read the sticker and low and behold there was your name. 8)


That's funny.. It means Skin of a toad... I guess the texture does look like toad skin.. Cut it open please... :D
I'll slice it tomorrow when my daughter is awake so she can help.
Skin of a toad? :shock:
hA HA HAA Its even a KING FISHER! thats great! :D :LOL:

Looks like youll be movin on up to the east side in no time!
These melons are wonderful
We get them all season while the price is down
I told my Daughter they were called Santa Clause melons
because they only came to the house once a year
Cracked her open. Very, very, sweet and juicy as all get out. Kind of a cross between a honeydew and a watermelon. Went and bought a few more today.
My little girl still asks how a melon can bring presents. :LOL:
I wish she could stay this young. :(


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