How to fry an egg on an XP.....

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If that's what bright young minds are encouraged to discover then I don't regret skipping college at all. I blew my 20 Gs in the Caribbean and I bet I had a much better time than XP Egg Frying Boy did! :LOL: :rolleyes:
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Seems a strange way to prove that our processers aren't 100% efficent but no worse than the idiot news guys that every summer have to show that a hot sidewalk or driveway will also "cook" an egg.

Btw DC, 20 Gs will buy you a semester in college now. To think I went to school on $205 per month GI Bill, guess that dates me.
Robt, at the rate that public Ohio universities and colleges jack their tuitions up, I probably could have paid 2 hundo per quarter about ten years ago. Now it runs about 6G a quarter and I'd have to take REQUIRED BS courses like "Social Diversity 101" and the like. Pardon me, but if I pay for my own education, I'd like to learn my discipline, thank you very much. I won't waste my time and money learning what others would like to "teach". Wow! I sure went on a rant, didn't I? :LOL:

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