I call this Bigsal's Breakfast Belt Buster

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May 23, 2009
Katy Texas
This is my very own Breakfast Belt buster. It is a 12in french bread toasted with butter. smeared with refried beans 3 slices of cheese 3 fried eggs 4 slices of turkey bacon seasoned with salt and dried piquin peppers. I was telling my wife that I can sell these and I know there are a couple of guys and gals that can finish one of these. This should replace Weaties for breakfast.
Good philosophy, use what you got and that keeps the fridge available for more pork :) Bottom line is it's a great looking sandwich and I'm hungry, thanks for sharing.
I could definetly take on one of those sammies for breakfast! Sub real bacon and add sausage please! Also, since I'm being picky...can I have my eggs over easy please! The bread will soak it up! :D :D

VERY nice!
Bigsal start this thread with a great lookin' sandwich and before it is done we'll have a full fledged breakfast ... I can't wait for morning I think it is a "Breakfast for Dinner" kind of day.
The eggs were runny and it did soak in the bread. I was thinking about the hashbrowns or homefries but i was too hungry. I knew there were plenty of guys out there that would appreciate a great breakfast sandwich. I am a breakfast man as you can tell. My wife says that when before she met me she didnt like breakfast but now she eats breakfast everyday. Another Idea that came to my mind was some chorrizo over the eggs then the hashbrowns.
Well there seems to be a bit of cornfusion here on the part of some atypical usual suspects (mostly them North of the mighty Red and on the wrong side of the Sabine of course) which seems to be advocating putting tates on the creation. This a work of art a Da Vinchy if you will. Aint nothing you gonna be able to improve on it other than to screw it up. Eat the tates on the side. :roll:


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