I hate jumbo eggs

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eggs - despite marketed "by size" - are sorted by weight.
if the USDA seal is used then bunches of rules apply.
each individual egg must be in a weight range
the weight of a dozen eggs must be within a range - they can't all be on the upper weight end, for example.

the usual and customary number for weight of the shell is 11% of the egg
- the white = 58%
- the yolk = 31%
which supposedly varies only slightly by peewee to jumbo....

details, lots of them, here:
I think the percentage of weight for the shell has to vary by size. I have read more than one place that larger eggs have thinner shells, because there is the same amount of shell, whatever the size of the egg. So 11% might be the amount for one specific size, or it might be an average.
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