I know some of you will appreciate this.

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Nov 20, 2016
My wife is on Covid quarantine in the back/master bedroom. So I am on cooking duty.

We also are on quarantine, so do an every few days shopping pick up. And the last list was lots of snacks and I neglected the actual dinner stuff.

Tonight I am scrounging the pantry. I'm doing a simple meat sauce and seaweed pasta. Picked it up at the bargain grocery. Hopefully it is good, it all I had left.

Anyway, I am scrounging through my pans and find an All-Clad hard anodised 2 qt. Pot I had completely forgot about. Picked it up at the Goodwill a long while back.

Anyway, it was a nice end to a tough day of painting my house. All I can do since we can't really go anywhere like work or, well, anywhere.

I am enjoying a nice evening of imperial stouts, so if this makes no sense, there is a reason. LOL.

On a side note. I am also using a vintage Magnalite pot for the sauce.

I'm a kitchen gear geek. It puts me in my happy place.
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Nice that you found something fun :)

Take good care of your wife - it just rots to be sick.
Thank you both.

She is. Finally starting to get her appetite back.

Today we found out they don't want her back at work for another half a week.

Not sure what I am supposed to do. Probably split the difference and head back Tuesday. Got more painting to do until then.
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