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Jul 14, 2004
This has been such an easy week. Monday my team went out for a long lunch. We went to Mexican food and drinks. 3 margaritas later we went back to the office to "work" for the rest of the afternoon.

Wed, we had a Cinco De Mayo party with lots of margaritas (again) and Corona. I also brought in a flask of my Casa Noble Anejo 2 year tequila for those who wanted something a little better than the stuff the office got.

Today my team is going out to see Iron Man II. Our company had a part in the production of the film so we are using that as an excuse to take a half day and go out and play.

Sometimes I wonder how we get any work done :)
We make 3D printers babetoo. They are used for making prototypes. Iron Man 2 used them to design what the Iron Man suits would look like.
At first I thought you were talking about house guests GB. :)

It's great to work for a company that makes life good.

By the way, it's been driving me crazy.......tell me about your avitar, I can't figure out what it is?
I will let you check out the original for a while before I tell you what it is.

Here is a link to a few others too.


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It was actually originally a picture of myself and two friends moments before we participated in the (at the time) worlds largest nude photo. We are clothed in the actual picture, but there is one or two butts showing so I can't post it here.
Yeah that is us. Thanks for posting that video. I had not seen that before. The guy from Legacy Effects speaking in it (Jason Lopes) is someone I have dealt with extensively.

That looks like it was shot at one of the trade shows. The printer he is standing next to is one of our smaller ones, but in the background on the right you can see our top of the line printer. It is the same one in the banner behind Jason.

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