I put a butt on the smoker.

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Feb 3, 2006
Warren, Mi.
13 hrs. later I made a sammich.
A little vinegar sauce and some homeade KFC slaw.
I ate 2. 8)

Puff, that is my favorite kind of slaw on a pp sandwich.
Did you make the recipe yourself, or did you get a
copycat one from somewhere?
Very good looking pulled pork. I had my wife pull thru kfc and order a small slaw for me just the other day so I could thaw some pulled pork.

Looks great.
If you really searching for that Umami stuff try looking in the grocery store. It may be found posing as Accent aka MSG. Like Joe Ames always say.."If you taste something good but can't figger out whut it is..it's MSG."

Very nice Puff. Just looked in the freezer and I'm getting low on pulled pork, your post just inspired me to throw a few on soon.
looks good puff... And even more impresive is this thread is on its second page and hasent gone off topic !
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