In search of prize winning white chicken chili

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Mar 17, 2010
south central coast/California
For the life of me, I can't remember who posted about their prize winning white chicken chili, and a search hasn't done me any good.

I know it was a man, but can't remember who. I've got the "worse hungers" for some really good white chili and would love your recipe. If you're not here, maybe someone else knows.

Thanks so much Alix, but I make a pretty good one. I just thought if I had a "prize winner" I could get some hints. You don't remember who it was either?
Goodweed perhaps? Thats who sprang to mind when I read this.

FOUND IT!!! Click here and scroll to the second page.
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Oh thank you thank you thank you Alix !! What a fantastic thread that was! Making a grocery list as we speak !!

I'm printing the whole thread.......thanks GW !!
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