Is oatmeal bad for you

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Rolled oats, or any rolled grain flakes are steamed and rolled, so essentially cooked. You can eat it cooked up, just warmed up, or cold.
Mr bliss likes his cooked. I like mine just warmed up or cold. There's no gummy-ness when it is just warmed up or cold.
If you are looking for ways to eat oatmeal there is another thread on here that has lots of ways people like to eat it.
YUP. all that bloody sticky scrubbing to clean it. :mad:
Yup. And I was using a deep bowl with only like a half a cup in it and it still boiled over. So I put that back in the cupboard to use in meatloaf. And I bought some more of the type I was eating that's easy with a packet and doesn't boil over even though it's the same amount.
I keep running across talk on the internet that oatmeal is bad for you. Is it bad or more internet doomsday gossip?
Effectively it is difficult to tell if an ingredient has contraindications. However, I check labels from home on my computer monitor with an app called tiiips, but it is only for android. It is simple and has the information I need. He says oatmeal is a good antioxidant and it has one contraindication: it can be an allergen for some people.


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Anything is bad for you if you eat or drink too much of it. I read, (years ago) about a person with mental health issues who drank themselves to death - with water. They effectively drowned. Broccoli is good for you. But if you only ate broccoli - you would die. Humans are generally pretty good at surviving - the best way of surviving (and enjoying your food life) is to eat as wide a variety of foods as you can.

So, if you want to try oats, then have some - but don't eat a ton of oats all of a sudden - your body may react negatively. Introduce some oats and see how you go.
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I absolutely agree, never overdo the quantities. There has been a huge increase in allergies and intolerances in recent times. I have always liked mushrooms and have never exaggerated my intake, but a year ago I had the first symptoms of an intolerance to this delicious food. Even oats, which look harmless, actually hide a pitfall for some people. For this reason, since reading and interpreting labels is not easy, for so many reasons, I have made a rigorous choice: the practice of scanning labels with an app before purchasing, so I avoid products that contain allergens and unhealthy ingredients. Behind many incomprehensible numbers or behind unsuspected foods can hide pitfalls, but this could be the title of an interesting new topic.
6% of the population eats oatmeal, the average size of the serving is 1 cup of cooked oatmeal.
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