Is the steak ok?

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Dec 24, 2003
Hello everyone.

I have a question... I had two T-Bone steaks that I marinated for a total of 20 hours in a store-bought marinade in my refrigerator. The meat was completely red and looked very healthy when I bought it (Yesterday). When I took the meat out, it appeared to have slightly browned in certain spots...

I am not sure if this is because of the marinade or not. I just want to know if the steak is ok to eat still if I cook it? Thanks
If you bought it a day ago and it was in the marinade in your fridge, I would say the marinade discolored it, if it does not have a foul odor. IF it does take it back. Do you remember the date on the packaging?? Also, what was in the marinade. I would probably eat it.
A bit of brown is no problem whatsoever. As long as it doesnt smell bad.

I have cooked and eaten meat that is completely brown all over, it is a lot tender than if it was eaten on the day you bought it. My Dad often tells me how they used to "hang" meat when he was younger to let it mature more.
One of the best T-bones I've ever had had actually begun to turn green! :eek: I trimmed all the "rotten" parts off and voila! Best Steak Ever! Beef (except for hamburger) really does need some age, and any aging up to actual spoiling will enhance it. If your steak looked good the day before, and the fridge was cold, of course, it's the marinade that's discolored it.
It was a Mesquite and a Baja Chipotle... I couldnt smell any foul odor... the marinade was too dominate :)

I went ahead and cooked it... Im still kicking today so I guess it was the marinade. Just wanted to be sure... thanks everyone!
my meat always turns brown in marinades because i use a lot of lemon or lime juice and i figure that kind of 'cooks' the meat like ceviche cooks in citrus juice.

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