ISO Jacques Pepin's Grilled leg of lamb recipe

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Nov 1, 2008
I thought it was jacques pepin's recipe but can't find it. Leg of Lamb ,the marinate is apricot jam ,mint ,soy and garlic. You let it marinate and when it bakes the marinade forms a glace. I'm making it with fig jam cause I felt like it but wanted to re-read the recipe ,in case I forgotsomething . anyone remember this one from some other cook ? I was sue it was Pepin but can't find it.
Regards gage
It is from Jacques Pepin. It's in two of his books. I don't have either, so I can't post it, but maybe this will help you find it.

Grilled leg of lamb

from Jacques Pépin's Table: The Complete Today's Gourmet by Jacques Pépin


Grilled leg of lamb

from Today's Gourmet: Light and Healthy Cooking for the 90's by Jacques Pépin

Ingredients: soy sauce; apricot jam; ginger; leg of lamb; mint; jalapeño chiles

I belong to the site 'Eat Your Books" so I was able to search on the ingredients for you in their library.
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Thanks- I know I have /had that book because i cooked it any number of times,( it is only way I have had lamb where I like mint in it )but it appears to be missing,maybe I lent it out ,nine Pepin books lined up but it is not there. Oh well Thanks alot ,I forgot the ginger and jalapeno .Hope the fig jam ,mint ,garlic and soy work out ok. I'll Czech out the eat your books site too.
got to get back to the kitchen I have Essene bread ,napa kimchee .and the lamb on the go. got to get that moving cause there is a bottle of Beajollais Nouveau with my name on it Regards gage
Hey -even though I forgot the ginger and jalapeno the lamb turned out almost as I remember , the fig jam substitute for apricot jam tastes brilliant and formed a nice glace . hadn't made it in maybe four years. I only wish the essene bread had turned out similarly , I haven't made it in 25 years and most likely will never again , maybe the birds will like it ,got snow here so will put it in a suet feeder. I'm temping the weather gods by not chaining up the tractor.
Oh , the beaujolais nouveau ( george duboeuf ) was good with lamb
Regards and have a good sunday
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