ISO mango salad recipe

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Jul 13, 2011
Looking for a good mango salad recipe to serve with ham. Had this when out for supper the other night. Salad had mango, red pepper, red onion and of course a dressing. Thanks!!
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I'm not good with exact measurements. But my husband only likes green mango (ditto papaya). So I julienne the fruit, then mix a mild vinegar (rice, cider, or malt come to mind). Mix with a mild sugar (I like honey or brown sugar), but not a lot (remember, I'm using green fruit and mild vinegar). Then some hot pepper to your taste and a pinch of salt. It isn't much, and it is very easy, and will last for days in a covered bowl. It can be served over some lettuce leaves or shredded cabbage, or even added last minute to a stir-fry.
Avacado works well in a mango salad.

For the dressing I would squeeze the mango seeds and skins to get as much juice out of them as possible.Then add some lime or lemon juice
and a little salad oil. Salt and pepper and a little fresh green herb of your liking. I don't really like mint but it probably would go nicely. I would probably use a fresh thyme in mine.

Welcome to DC BTW!

A little diced Jalapeno or red chili would be good too.
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