ISO tomato juice recipe

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Sep 11, 2021
i want to make gazpacho and need to make tomato juice. can you tell me which recipe is best?

ive heard that you can bake the tomatoes.

i hope it wont be a hassle to seive
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I don't do tomatoes anymore, preferring to buy cans rather than wrestle with them. But yeah, it will be a long step to sieve them.
Have you ever canned tomatoes before?
i'm not sure if there are good juices in israel
no, why?

can i blend them before sieving? will that make it easier?
Why would the juices not be any good?

If you have never canned tomatoes or made anything with them from scratch - you will only learn by doing it yourself. I can't tell you what you find to be a hassle and what you will consider "easy peasy" to do. Some people just love doing it, other don't. I find it a hassle when I can get just as good if not better in a can.

If I measure my time in dollars I cannot compare. What would take me all day to do I can get for $1.00 per can. Believe me were I to charge for my time it would be a LOT more than $1.00 per can!

some things, yes, I enjoy doing, including most canning processes. But not tomatoes anymore.
i tasted many of them except for v8 juice and they were not tasty.

i will try anyway..

btw v8 is tasty but very hard to find here and very very expensive.....
V8 Juice is a blend of tomato and vegies with, I believe, some spices thrown in.
It's meant as a drink, not to replace tomatoes in a recipe. Not that it can't be done, but it will change the flavour profile.
If you are using fresh tomatoes, freeze them after washing. When thawed, the skins slip off. Then you can sieve them, which really is easy and doesn't take much time. Blending will leave you with the seeds, which you probably don't want in your gazpacho.
You don't need tomato juice to make gazpacho - just fresh, very ripe tomatoes! I learned how to make it when I was a kid, in Spain, from a Spanish lady - about all I change is using a blender, instead of a chinois (I didn't mind helping with that, back then!) the Vitamix I use grinds the seeds up to where you would not get any, if you strain it. Also, I use the chia seeds to thicken it, instead of stale bread, which is a good thing for people trying to go without gluten (though that's not my reason). But back when I used a simple, cheap blender, the tomato seeds in the dish were barely noticeable, and I never bothered straining, and nobody complained. Here's a recent post I made, telling how I made some with last year's tomatoes, from the freezer - the peppers and cucumbers I bought, but they are almost as good. In the summer I leave the peels on the cukes, but peel the waxed ones.

I like the taste of tomato juice, but not in gazpacho.
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I think the tomato juice in the recipe is meant to be a shortcut. I'm pretty sure that gazpacho is usually made from fresh tomatoes, though canned ones work too. I use fresh tomatoes that I deseed and whiz them up with my immersion blender. Easy peasy. I like that recipe from the Jacques Pépin video that Aunt Bea posted in this thread.
Truth to tell? I believe that is exactly what it was meant to be... Salt, celery rim... stir celery... yum, I'll have another please!
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