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Sep 29, 2004
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Hi everyone, first-time poster here. I have a question regarding Jenn-air ranges. First we are in the early stages of remodeling our kitchen and have been struggling with the stove/range purchase. We have heard that Viking is bad, Wolf while good the oven takes an hour to pre-heat (36", we find it hard to believe and only heard it once), DSC is good. Which leaves me to Jenn-air. I just recently heard that DCS makes the Jenn-air Pro-style ranges. I would like to confirm this, but can't really find any info. Jenn-air customer service could not tell me. Anyway, does anyone have any first hand info or opinions on these ranges? If it is true that DCS makes the Jenn-air, should we just get the Jenn-air as it is at least $800.00 cheaper.

Welcome aboard, WayindebT. I really don't have any of the answers you seek, but I'll definately be watching the responses to come on this one. (I'm planning a kitchen redo next Spring myself.)

However, my sister just replaced her Viking ovens with the new 36" pro double and remains giddy over the thing after 6 months. It seems to be a wonderful, even-cooking, well-calibrated oven and has sold me on convection baking. I'll be hard-pressed to turn away from Viking, so looking forward to hearing from the experts here....
I'm glad to hear you sister loves her Viking. The boards over on for the most part are slamming the Vikings. Also,
an appliance store in the Los Angeles area did not dispute what I have been hearing. But, I am glad your sister is having good luck!!! can afford a viking and you're hesitating?

the last time i bought a jenn-air it was made by maytag.
Hey Cafeandy,
The Viking was way up on the list, but the research is starting to point to something else. And, because these types of ranges are sooo expensive, i really do not want to invest in a "problem" product. I don't want to buy it just for the name and find out that they just can market their product really well, and not have it perform the way it should over the long haul. There is a very interesting fourm over on cooks chat. There seems to be an opinion that there is a better alternative to Viking. An appliance store in my area said that DCS makes the Jenn-air pro-style range, and that Maytag just owns the Jenn-air company. It is tough...I need to make a decision really soon, demo on the kitchen starts Monday.

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