Jerk Chicken Breasts

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Toby Keil

Executive Chef
Jan 15, 2008
Thousand Oaks, CA
Howdy all and sorry for being away so long but I'm back baby!. Anyway, I saw a recipe online for Jerked chicken and decided I needed some. Came home from work Friday night, made the marinade then added the skinless chicken breasts. I let em marinade Friday night and all day Saturday then grilled em on the Chaney Saturday night. They came out really tasty and moist, the family was happy and that makes me happy :). I’m gonna make this recipe again but next time I'll add a few more jalapeños and definitely use some thighs along with the breasts and perhaps marinade even longer. Below are the pics.

Getting the coals going in the Chaney.

The chicken marinating in the bag.

Breasts on the grill.

Breasts ready to come off and I had one extra jalapeños that I tossed on for me.

Dinner is ready.

My plate along with some rice my wife made.
Very nice looking chicken boobs! Good to see you around again Toby!!!!. I hope you are doing well and just busy. With all of that dust on that Smokey Joe it looks like it needs a little attention too, and don't forget the pics.
Welcome Back Neighbor! I love Jerk Chicken however it calls for about one thousand spices so I just buy a pre made rub. Good looken cook.
Ok...if we have to beg like a dawg for the recipe let us get it outta the way..woof Paraphrasing old Nate the cajun who runs the seafood place behind the big Texaco station in Addison, TX.
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