Jim_K's RF Smoker Build (update 6-27-10)

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Jun 2, 2010
Southwest Va
I have been working on this pit for over a year I did take about 5 months off and didnt do much to it. I still have a lot to work on but it's getting closer :D
Im going to post from the start. I will be copying from another site and posting it here.

April 2nd
Well I guess this will be the thread for my smoker Build.
I got started last weekend with a little cleanup of the small tank.
Today I started a little cutting on it, the bottom ring is now cut off and the top(will be the bottom) has been chopped. I hope to work on it some this weekend if the weather coperates. I plan to work on some hinges so I can do a pre cut on the hinge side and weld them on then finish the rest.
I also will be filling my 250 gal and getting it ready for cuts on it also. :D

I just like this pic

The friction saw makes a nice clean cut this should work well for the doors.


A little pre burn

April 5th
Got a little more done in the last 2 days.
Small tank is ready for hinges, and the 250 gal has been marked and the Firebox opening cut. The last pic was the best part of the day.






April 6th
Finished up a few things that I didn't get done yesterday.
The rest of the hinges are all tacked on, and all the doors are cut out :D
Big diff in the weather today windy rainy and 35, from yesterdays sunny 85+ :shock: I did leave room under the hinges for strips of flat steel to seal up the gap.



May 3rd
Got a little more work done on my build.
The firebox frame is welded and most of the trailer is welded up, I need to add gussets, trailer tongue and axel brackets.
It has been a enjoyable build so far, I work on it when I have extra time.
I still have a lot of parts to buy so this build could take a while longer to complete.
I did order some Tel-Tru thermos at a great deal and have those ready when needed! :D





May 25th
Got a little more done since last post. :D

The trailer is turned over, all welded up and ready for the axel kit! ( :oops: now I just need to buy)
worked on the smaller vertical tank a little and the 250 gal tank. All the door trim is on and the welds on the hinges are finished. Going to work on the handles and the firebox door and Intakes.
Wish I had my trailer axels on so I could mount the 250 gal tank so it could all come together. I really dont want to build it all then try to get it up on the trailer.

Here is a few pics.


Re: Jim_K's RF Smoker Build (lots of pics)

May 31st
Well I got to work on it some this weekend.
here is a pic of the trailer (flipped) tongue welded on with the coupler.


Worked on my firebox some today the firegrate is done and the dampner has the flaps welded on.





Here is the 6" pipe setting inside the hole for the stack.


And last a pic of my helper he really loves helping daddy work on his smoker :D


June 7th
Got some more done this weekend :D

Worked on my firebox some, got all the intake holes drilled and the slide covers. Im going to add a few on the door also, these will be lower.



Welded on my stands for the 250 gal tank to sit on.


Now this was fun :shock: I had to come up with a way to get the tank on the stands. I put the 4 wheeler to use again, pulled it up to the trailer rolled the tank over on the trailer side and threw a log under where it goes. rolled it up on the log and pulled it over the first set of stands.



Now I used another log that was about the same hight off the ground as the stands and pulled it across the other set of stands.



And here is a pic of one of my other helpers.
she loved pulling that tank up there and done a great job! Mom was not even going to try so she was elected :D


setting up there


up off the ground and welded on!


June 14th
Got a little more done this weekend
The intake slides are ready on both sides, I can remove the bolt if I need to ever take them off and work on them.


Here is a shot of the firebox ready with the door all fixed up and 3 intake holes on it. It has a 1" solid Sq strong back X welded on the inside. I still need to put a latch/handle and a handle for the intake.


Here it is welded on the Pit :D


I also cut the sch40 6" stack to the shape of the curve and have it tacked on and ready to weld up. Its 29 1/2" above the smoker, now to get my cap ready next.


Here is a shot of the piece of 2" x 1/4" angle iron drain welded in and waiting on the reverse flow 1/4" plates on each side. they slope in from each side to the angle, and the angle slopes away from the firebox to the end with a 2" drain pipe.


The other end with the 2" pipe drain connected.

Re: Jim_K's RF Smoker Build (lots of pics)

June 21st

Here is what I done so far this weekend.

A shot of the damper with strongback's welded on.


Here is a shot of it installed closed.




Here is the Reverse Flow Plate all welded in, this took some time to complete. (drain end)


Firebox end


July 1st
Here is what I have done since last post.
Welded on the counter weights (still need to add weight inside of them)
Grates for the 250 gal tank (still need to weld handles on)
Door handles are welded on ( going to do a little woodturning for the handles)
Warmer/smoker tank is tacked on ( lots left to do on this)
I pressure washed the inside and fired her up to dry it off.
I plan to season the inside tomorrow and do a cook for the 4th :D
still lots to work on but at least I can use it now!!!! :D



May 12th
Sure has been a while since my last post on the build :oops: I have worked on it a little in the past few months but thats getting ready to change :D !!!!!! I just purchaced 2 axles one with a brake, one iddler, 2 fenders and backs, breakaway brake kit, wheels/tires and safety chains. I also picked up a 120 gal propane tank for a big woodfired grill. :D
Here is my to do list.
Install the tandom axle kit.
For the 250 gal tank I have to put some handles on the slide out grates, weld on my stack dampner with handle.
For the upright smoker/warmer, install the dampner, Build the round grates, weld on the 1/2" weld-a-lets for the thermos, drill and weld on my 1 1/4 drain
valve and weld on the stack dampner with handle.
Start working on the grill.
Thats the short list :LOL: If the rain holds off I should get some work done soon.

May 12th
Here is what she looks like now not much has changed!


Here is the 120 gal tank soon to be Grill.


A shot of the Tandom 3,500 lb axles.


May 26th
I made my racks and the defuser for the Warmer/Smoker section of my pit. seasoned them this past weekend and had very good results with my temps. :D
I have a cook coming up this weekend, should have 3 butts 12 lb brisket and 4 sides that are going to be smoked I cant wait!


Re: Jim_K's RF Smoker Build (lots of pics)

Wow whut a kewlish saw. I got to have one along with a strong chubby boy who can hold it. Seems like our slab savers have one sorta like it. They come in real handy for cutting down street signs mailboxes etc. Now you are indeed turning out a work of art here.

Re: Jim_K's RF Smoker Build (lots of pics)

Jim, that's a very impressive project. You are truly an experienced welder and fabricator. I've been captivated by the progression and look forward to seeing more. Thanks for sharing this.
Re: Jim_K's RF Smoker Build (lots of pics)

most excellent work jim k 8) astounding to say the least.thank you for sharing your build.your work will feed many.
Re: Jim_K's RF Smoker Build (update 6-10-10)

Great looking intakes. Glad I was not the one who had to drill all them big holes. Betcha that burn up a lot of calories.

Re: Jim_K's RF Smoker Build (update 6-10-10)

bigwheel said:
Great looking intakes. Glad I was not the one who had to drill all them big holes. Betcha that burn up a lot of calories.

I have plenty of excess to burn. I must say that I have lost 25 lbs since those pictures :D
Re: Jim_K's RF Smoker Build (update 6-10-10)

Its time to work on the 120 gal Grill, I have all my cuts on the tank done and welded on the trailer. The door is welded on and the small braces are going to be replaced later. The endcaps have access on both sides for cleanout and to be able to fill the charcoal trays with fuel. I also plan to make the grill grates pull out so I can have acess that way too. I also want to have 2 piece grates that can be cranked up and down 9"-10" travel (we will see how this goes). I will be cooking from the trailer tongue, I plan on making some removable sides to add to the tongue for a good platform when cooking.


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