Just wondering ... what is everyone reading now?

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Just began an "impulse" book I spied on the library display shelves. It's entitled Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradal. Has potential. Will read more and let you know.

Don't want to give out any details, but I loved it and then I hated, and then I loved it again...

Good read. ;)
I'll be working my way through a stack of magazines while we're on vacation. Also brought along the book "Fake Food..." in case we have a really lazy day or if we're driving boring roads.
When I used to drive out to Denver by myself (to see my son), I always use to take some sort of snack to eat to help keep me alert. It takes about 15 hours, so I would stay at a Super 8 Motel in York, Neb. (it is about half way there). It was right along Interstate 80. I would put a hat on the passenger seat head rest, to make it look like someone was with me.It made me feel a little safer. When I got to the motel and I was checking in a room for one, the clerk said what about the person in your car? I had to take them out and show them that it was only a hat.:blush:
I hit the thrift store yesterday and picked up Cowboy Slang. It will keep me occupied on an upcoming road trip.
A friend invited me to join a book club; the first book is "Shine Shine Shine" by Lydia Netzer, a local author. Part of it takes place in the neighborhood where DH and I used to live in Norfolk, VA, before we bought our house, so it's interesting reading about familiar places from another perspective. It's a rather weird story, but good.
Not reading books lately... I've developed a bad habit! I spend what seems like hours every day looking at sites that have free Kindle books. I spend some much time doing that that I never have time to really read! So, silly. :)
I'm always reading...something. Plus, I pursue both audio and print material depending on where I am and/or what I'm doing.

Since the beginning of December I've had to drive to radiation treatments every day. I travel a road I regularly drive so nothing new there. By now, my car knows the way without any help from me. This is why audio books were invented. I also listen to audio books when I'm sewing, knitting, crocheting, ironing, etc. Makes all those tasks so much more pleasant.

In any given week's time, it's not unusual for me to read of listen to up to 5 books a week.

When it comes to print material, the last 10 days I have read 3 books by a young man named James Bowen, who was nothing short of a street druggie. His story is sweet, poignant and offers hope.

In a nutshell, his books relate how his life began to change when his path crossed with a ginger tom cat (in street difficulties himself) who eventually became known as Bob.

The books are, in order, A Street Cat Named Bob, A Gift from Bob and The World According to Bob.

By the time I'd finished the first book I was cheering for James and Bob and couldn't wait to read the next one. I wasn't disappointed...in any of the three.

Even if you are not a cat "person," Bob will capture your heart and you will come to love him. He has become such a celebrity that he has his own Facebook page: streetcatbob. There are also tons of YouTube videos featuring this handsome feline.

If you are looking for some relatively quick reads that will lift your heart and offer proof that there is hope for someone who seems hopeless, these books will more than fit the bill.

P.S. For our members who live in England, this is where the stories of James and Bob began. You may even already know of them.
I *sniff sniff* just read the very last book from "The White House Chef" series. Sadly, the Powers that Be have advised author Julie Hyzy that her services are no longer needed. This last book, "Foreign Eclairs", has an ending that feels both final and also like Hyzy could pick the characters up and put them into a new series smoothly and without worrying about legal backlash. After spending time with Ollie over these nine books, I'm gonna miss that girl character. :(
I almost hope somebody would pickj up this book Surrender, New York by Caleb Carr, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble® and read , and tell me what you think about.

It is a police investigation. I don't know if my English is that bad or the story in the book is so ornate (is it a word?).
But I finished with the feeling that I totally did not understand where the story was going, or where it came from, even though I almost right away realised who the guilty party was going to be. Strange feeling. It is the second book of his that i did not particularly like.
I am reading THE DEATH OF KINGS by Rennie Airth. I have read all of his books. Starting with, River Of Darkness, The Blood-Dimmed Tide, The Dead Of Winter and The Reckoning. It says that Airth is at the top of his game, engaging the reader with dense plotting, page-turning narrative and expert characterization. I agree.
Just finished Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand... Powerful non-fiction WWII story
about the life of Louis Zamperini.. Its been made into a movie and the reviews, of the movie, make me glad I read the book and skipped the movie..

I usually read fiction but this book drew me in.. WWII was a big deal in my family and I find stories of that time interesting..

After reading that book, I needed something easy on the mind so, I loaded a John Sanford book onto my Kindle and will enjoy that.. I go through 2 or 3 books a week (I need a life) so I'm pleased that my library has a wonderful selection..
My current read is "Killing Kennedy" by Bill O'Reilly. I've heard that his "Killing..." books are interesting AND educational. I like to learn - just don't bore me while you're doing it. I have to confess, though, that one reason I got it is because it was in my library's "Large Print" section. My SIL said it's much easier to read the large type when you're using exercise equipment. This is my "bike" book for now.
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