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Sarah 1426

Nov 2, 2004
I wanted to get my dad a kitchen aid mixer for christmas. I know there are many different kinds, all ranging in differnt prices. I am kind of on a budget and i just wanted to get him the basic, but still comes with different attachments and everything. can anyone tell me some of the places to get it at a good price and tell me if you know on thats like what in describing, basic, but still good....thanks! has some really good deals from time to time.

Don't forget to check out QVC. Their shipping & handling costs, especially on something as heavy as a KA mixer, is relatively cheap when compared to other mail order places.

Costco usually has good deals on them.
Sarah1426, psiguyy is in the "biz", more or less, so he gave you good advice.

Please also check with choclatechef and MichaelinFtW - I would venture to say they also know more about kitchen equipment than most of the rest of us.
If you are looking for a new mixer, I am not the person to talk to.

I think the new Whirlpool Kitchenaids are not as good as the vintage Hobart Kitchenaids.

That being said, I can answer your questions on attachments. What are they? What kind of cooking will be done?

If you are interested in buying a Hobart Kitchenaid, let me know. I will guide you as much or as little as you like. :D
ok, im sorry but what is the difference in hobart and whrilpool kitchenaids...i will probably use it a little more then him, lol, and i bake a lot, when he uses it, he makes hommus and stuff like that, but he does bake some too. Which one is more or less expensive, that wont play a big factor but will a little bit....thanks in advance on anything you can give me about them...!

I have said in various threads that imho, Whirlpool has not maintained the high caliber of workmanship that made Kitchenaid famous. However, I do give them credit for their promotion and advertising of the product. I also think that if you can not get a Hobart Kitchenaid for some reason, a Whirlpool Kitchenaid is better than most other brands on the market.

Price wise, you will do better to get a Hobart Kitchenaid mixer. You can get a good one on Ebay for between $75 and $130. They weigh in at 20 lbs, so shipping should be an addition $20 or so.

Even on Sale, a new Whirlpool Kitchenaid will cost at least $250 or so. I would rather have 2 Hobart Kitchenaids for that price.

Hobart Corp. is the manufacturer of the big gray mixers you see in restaurants. They developed the Kitchenaid. They sold the brand to Whirlpool in the 1980s.

Of course, if you buy a Hobart Kitchenaid, it will be used, but it will also be a workhorse you can depend on for many years to come. I have noticed on most of the Chef forums, and on eGullet, the members would rather have a used Hobart Kitchenaid than a new Whirlpool Kitchenaid. There has been considerable talk of problems with the Whirlpool Kitchenaids - even on the Kitchenaid forum itself! :shock:

Your best bet for getting a Hobart Kitchenaid cheaply before Christmas is Ebay. You can tell the difference by the Name Hobart on the band around the top of the mixer.
Thanks sub!

That is one piece of information I did not have.... *copying and pasting as we speak!*
Never thought of Ebay, but I hear you can get a lot of bargains here.

The recent KAs are not as dependable off the line as the old ones. At least that's what I hear. The good news is customer support at KA is excellent and replacements are usually perfect and never have another problem.

I think the new ones were reengineered to be quieter than the old models and that probably caused the problems.

So, my advice would be to either buy an older KA or a brand new one with a valid warranty. I'd buy new. I'm actually surprised that there are older KAs for sale. I thought most people would keep them or pass them on to others. My 20 year old 300 watt K5SS just keeps going. Some things really tax the motor, but it just keeps going and is always ready for more.
thanks soo much for all the info! can you get hobart mixers new? if so, how much do they usually run in price? and can you get them where you get the regular mixers?
Thanks again!!
I have to go with choclatechef for the most part. Hobart makes commercial kitchen equipment and KitchenAid was their home line - when they sold the KitchenAid line to Whirlpool back in the 1980's the quality went down. Sometime in the 1990's either Whirlpool changed the specs, or some of their suppliers did, and they had a bunch of units that failed within the first year warranty period ... whatever got changed that went bad seems to have been resolved.

My problem with buying anything on eBay is that I'm not a big eBay fan because you never know how honest the seller is. Sometimes you get what you paid for, sometimes you don't, and you never get a warranty. And, you still have to "win" the bid - which can be harder to do than you think sometimes.

If you're shopping for a Whirlpool KA on a budget, and color doesn't matter, check out the refurbished units on They are mostly white - and are units that broke during the warranty period. The good thing is - what was going to break was replaced ... and they usually don't have any more problems. They are also a great bargain!

Other places to check would be , , and ... and just compare prices, shipping & handling .. etc. Same goes as to resources for attachments.

As for a suggestion on the mixer - either the 5-qt Artisan (tilt-head) or 5/6 qt Pro (bowl-lift) model. I wouldn't waste the money on anything with a smaller capacity or less than 325-watts of power (like the bottom of the line things they sell at Wal-Mart).

As for suggestions on attachments .... the grinder for sure, and if he likes to make sausages the sausage attachment that goes on the food grinder for sure. If you Dad doesn't have a food processor - the slicer/shredder attachment would probably be a good idea. The fruit/vege strainer attachment has so many "don'ts" that it was a waste of my money - I've got a strainer and wooden spoon that are quicker and just as easy to use, don't have the restrictions, and were $45 cheaper. I'm also not to impressed with the pasta plate attachment that goes on the food grinder to make a pasta extruder - you're limited to soft egg noodles.

Now the pasta roller attachment is a little more practical if you like to make your own homemade pasta ... and works great ... but you are limited to a wide flat sheet (for ravioli, lasagna, or hand cut noodles like pappardelle), and cutters for linguine and fettucine. If I had it to do over again, for making pasta, I would buy an Imperia pasta machine, the electric motor, and would have the ability to buy even more cutters for about $15-$25. In the longrun - the motorized Imperia cost a couple of bucks less than the KA pasta roller set, and with additional cutters can do more.
QVC is selling the 450 watt 6 qt mixer for $299.76 + $14.72 shipping & handling.

Looks like they have all the colors available.
Sarah 1426 said:
thanks soo much for all the info! can you get hobart mixers new? if so, how much do they usually run in price? and can you get them where you get the regular mixers?
Thanks again!!

No Sarah. Hobart Kitchenaids are not made anymore.

That is why I was saying that you have to buy them used -- but I am a firm believer in them - and their quality.

My girlfriend got one on Ebay about a month ago, and SizzlininIN got one on Ebay a week or so ago. Both were very pleased with their purchases.

I myself have bought 4 Hobart Kitchenaid mixers on Ebay for a few of my aunts [I have 8 living aunts] and they love their mixers to death. I better not try to take them from them! My ass would be grass, and they would be the lawn mower.

If you have never purchased much on Ebay, it can be frightening and of course -- that may not be for you.

My Ebay experience has been great. Overall, I have done very well with getting quality merchandise very cheaply. Out of 800 odd purchases, I have had maybe 10 lemons, and out of the 10 lemons only a couple of times did I have trouble getting a refund.

Now, some people are only satisfied if they have a warranty, or their appliance is right out of the box. I prefer performance over a gleaming new surface. I want a solid machine that will do what it says it will do -- for generations!

You make up your own mind. You are the one who has to live with your choice. I do not want you disappointed, or dissatisfied. I just want you to know the information I have, so you can make an informed decision.
I've said it before and I'll say it again......I Love My Hobart Kitchen Aid 4.5 mixer!!!!!

As Choclate said before I purchased mine on Ebay. It was Chocolate who gave me great advice on which mixer to buy. I finally found one I liked.....I didn't want white but an almond or yellow.

Anyway with all things I'm interested in on Ebay I first check the sellers feedback. I then proceed to ask lots of questions. If you find one you like you here are some of the questions I asked:

-Cheapest Shipping Cost to zip_________?

-Are there any flaws what so ever? Chips, scratches, paint fading, rust, etc.....?

-Was this mixer owned by you?

-If this item was owned by yourself why are you selling?

-Have you had any operating problems with the mixer?

-Will you guarantee that if the mixer does not work properly you will refund my money?

I then wait for a response and cut and paste their responses. That way I have a record if I end up purchasing the item.

I found several mixers I was interested in but I was patient and I finally found one in excellent condition only a few tiny scratches inside the bowl. Mine cost $161.00 ..... that included shipping.

I highly recommend this brother jokes that one day hubby will get ready to go to bed and the mixer will lying on his side of the bed :)
:D Thanks! :D

I have only ordered one thing from ebay and it was fine, just not exactly what i thought it would be....but that was kinda of my fault, they where pictures that looked like they had been copied like 10000 times, so they where blurry and stuff....

but the mixers you showed me from ebay looked fine (and in working condition) and are diffenetly in my price range...

thanks soo much for all the help from everyone, it helped a lot!!
I did not know she did all that!

SizzlininIN is definitely a informed and knowledgeable super shopper!

I take my hat off to her! :LOL:

If you take her advice, you can't go wrong!

You are very welcome Sarah!
I didn't send any ebay links just told of my experience and offered my advice.......I can't take credit for the ebay links.

Thanks Chocolate for your kind words and I send them right back to you!
Sarah 1426 said:
thanks soo much for all the info! can you get hobart mixers new? if so, how much do they usually run in price? and can you get them where you get the regular mixers?
Thanks again!!

You can certainly get a Hobart new, but you would have to get the N-50. They usually sell for around $1,600.00. I think they are worth it, because they are made for commercial use. Hobart also markets the N-50 for home use, and for that they are bested by none. You will spend LOTS of money on a new Hobart, but you will also have a legendary machine on your counter, with a history that goes back more then 70 years! That mixer will most likely last for generations.

As for the Whirlpool KitchenAid, those are good only for light to medium HOME use. I would not recommend running a Whirlpool KitchenAid on a constant basis. They are good, however, when you use them 3 to 5 times per week at the most. Used for their intended purpose, and not abused, they will last for many years. Whirlpool makes a light-duty commercial mixer, but I would be hesitant about putting it to any kind of hard use.

On Whirlpool flour capacities: You should not exceed more then 8 cups on a 6 quart machine, and a 5 quart shouldn't be used with more then 6 cups of flour. Dough tends to climb over the edge of a C-style hook on a KitchenAid. With their spiral hooks, an excessively stiff dough will be very hard on the motor and the components, again I would stick to the same capacities as for the C-style hook. The "flour power" capacities indicated on the mixer box is not to be exceeded in these units. Those numbers are only to be used as a guide, and putting a 14 cup bread recipe in a "14 cup flour power" Pro 5 Plus will very likely strain the motor and components.

For cookie dough: I wouldn't do more then a single batch of Nestle Toll House cookies with a 5 or a 6 quart machine. You might get away with doing a double batch on a 6 quart, but I would not recommend it. Oatmeal cookies (for example, Nestle's Oatmeal Scotchie recipe) are harder on a machine then the chocolate chip cookies, due to the increase in volume when you add the oat meal.


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