Kraft Shredded Parmesan instead of Regular Block Parmesan

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I don't mind the green can when that's all you got, but the bagged stuff is decent and will work just fine. Of course, if you really want the most flavor out of shredded or grated cheese, do it as needed from a wedge.

I've found Costco and BJs store brands of wedge Parm really tasty, and good for grating/shredding/shaving.
Don't give up on it, Andy98. It sounds like you really want to make this dish using what you have access to. If I were you, I'd go for it. :)

Merry Christmas and welcome to Discuss Cooking! :flowers:

Yes, welcome. I hope you keep visiting with us.

As for the cheese, we always TRY to use the best ingredients, but the real art to cooking is using what you HAVE to make something good to eat.

While I would normally agree with you, I'm in a pinch since I have 0 access to real parmesan as I am broke and at my mother's house (who refuses to go to the store again) and need to know if I should just give up on making the dish entirely. It isn't from a can, it's in a bag if that makes any difference.

If it is a well known company, such as Hickory Farms, Cabot, etc. then I would use it. Just go ahead and use what you have. Running back to the grocery store at this late time, will only use up precious time.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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