Last thing that made you smile?

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Aug 24, 2004
da 'burgh
the last two things that made me smile:
first, last night in this class i take, a gal came up after class let out and was admiring my belt and then said, 'you're so fashionable. always so fashionable.' that was so sweet.
lol, i forgot to put, the shirt i was wearing was one i got from my Dad's drawer years ago. i have two of 'em. he got them in the 70's or 80's for free when he bought something from a music plc. and they're pretty much 2 of my favorite shirts now.:LOL:
then the next thing that made me smile was reminiscing w/ my Dad about the good 'ole days when i was little and my Parent's were in thier 20's/early 30's and they threw these huge parties. sometimes they were keggers, sometimes they were more formal, but they were always such a good time. we used to have the best time.:)
i love being happy.:-p
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Something my dh said, somehow, my hubby can always make me smile! Even when he has ticked me off so bad that I won't talk to him. :eek:)
The last thing that made me smile was when I woke up this morning. That is rare because I do not wake up happy. Today however I woke up to my wife holding my daughter who was looking at me and smiling. That just put the biggest smile on my face. It was the best way in the world to wake :)
Yesterday I had a long conversation with Alix. I pretty much didn't stop smiling the whole time! Quite often we'd say the same thing at the same time. She's as kooky as I am!
I am not a morning person either... once I'm out of bed my day is pretty well ruined. lol

but... hubby gave me a great hug as he left the office to go to the kitchen to make me coffee. That's worth a smile or two.

I just listened to samples on cdnow from Paul Anka's new 'Rock Swings' album :ROFLMAO: LOL (thanks, J) - - What a crack-up!

No disrespect intended, but to hear him croon to 'Jump', 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and 'Eye of the Tiger' made me laugh out loud... but it IS kinda "cool" in a Sinatra kind of way. No wonder jkath loves Vegas.

My 18 month old grandson said hewo mema, I wuv you. I had been talking to my son on the phone and gs wanted to talk. I smiled but I almost cried for joy. I'm so happy they all want to talk to me each time.
Hmmmm took a while for me to smile. Couldn't sleep for the last 2 nights because neighbors are still shooting off fireworks all night until about 2:30 a.m. By then I have given up trying to sleep and get up. Last night I gave up at 12:30 a.m. and got up and found out that I couldn't get on the internet on either my mother's or my computer. I smiled when my nephew came over around noon, fixed it where we could get on internet. :) Even when he is a pain, he is a sweet pain. :)
Last night Cade, his brother Carson and my daughter were to go to dinner with us. At the last minute Ari, called and said Cade was sick..So when we got home I called him to see how he was and to sing him our Mr. Moon song. He was pretty rocky so I said good night and I'd talk to him today. Of course I went to sleep with him on my mind, so this morning the phone rings waking from sleep and I jumped up, stubbed my toe tripped over the dog and grabbed the phone and shouted HELLO!!!! Only to hear this little voice say good morning MA:) I;m feeling much better, can I come over and swim today:) :) Guess you know I was smiling from ear to ear, even with a stubbed toe:ROFLMAO:

First of all I smiled when DC came back online. Then I got a pm from Ishbel. It's so nice to make friends from all over the world. We have the best of the best on this site.
I panicked when DC wasn't first time!

I'll try to make this mom/dad (in their 80s) recently rescued a toy manchester terrier. First time in 30 years they've had a pet. My dad was keenly opposed to the idea. However, no dog has ever been loved by 2 people as much as this dog. My dad came by today with the "princess" (as I've begun to call her) and they are such pals it made me smile!
Best thing to happen to my parents in a long time!!!
my smile today came from you guys' posts. it awesome when other people are happy.
the other thing that last made me smile was talking to my good friend's kiddo on the phone. she always makes me laugh. she just turned three and is at that age where she is just so full of personality. she always says, 'hello, aubrey. what are YOUUUUU do-ing?' and i'll ask her something like, 'did you go on your sliding board today?' and she'll ignore me or set the phone down, lol, then pick it up and start letting me know about her day or about her cat or something. such a cutie.
Me too Maidrite. Is nice to see a guy not ashamed to let it be known to the whole internet world that he is madly in love with his wife. :)
dw didn't know i was home, and was singing jazz and big band tunes to my son. when i walked upstairs, my smile grew like the cheshire cat's when i saw her teaching him to dance.

today, when he heard a catchy tune, he started stomping his foot up and down with a big grin and the funniest fake laugh.

he also now knows his ears, mouth (sticks out tongue), hair, belly, nip-nips (which is a source of instant giggling), and feet.
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