What's for supper, Friday 2024 January 12?

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Sep 13, 2010
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What did you have?

We had merguez sausage and chicken roasted over some root veggies. The merguez was uncooked. The chicken was the last of the roast chicken. The veggies were fartichokes, rutabugger, celery, celeriac, carrots, onion, and garlic. There were also two, quartered portobello mushrooms. They look black in the photo, but they aren't burnt, just delicious. I sauced with my batch vinaigrette. Most of the Merguez is left and some of the veg. I had chocolate ice cream for dessert.


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Tonight, I made a special meal...knock on wood & cross your fingers & paws, that our HVAC is fixed/working/good again...I made a kit: Beef Tenderloin with Blue Cheese Butter Bacon Brussels Sprouts & Mashed Cauliflower - Link: Is Here - it was excellent! Mind you, I'm not a fan of Blue Cheese. Walnuts I can live without. Truth be know, I can do without Brussels Sprouts too. But, I have to admit, this was an excellent meal. I would not change a thing. I will make it again, sans the kit! I asked DH his thoughts, I couldn't get a good answer, just a lot of grunts and mmmmmm's. LOL. Hope your dinner was a good one!
Ayam bumbu bali (sort of Indonesian curry) with telor belado (egg plant/tomato dish) and Jasmine rice


The yellow bits are egg plant. For some reason they didn't turn purple

Plenty left over's and luckily some space in the freezer
You're really not feeling good, are you? Don't often hear you say that Andy. Feel better soon!

I made a pot roast yesterday. Very tasty, hadn't made one in a while. Out of a less than 1 k piece of meat got 4 servings. Used pre-peeled potatoes, perfectly round. A couple of carrots and an onion, no greens on the side but didn't miss them, lol.

Those pre peeled potatoes were cheaper than regulars in bag! Very handy but strange looking being so perfectly round.
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