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Yeah, I seem to be middle of the line, irritates only if I over do it consistently, which I'm well known to do. Never bothers a friend of mine who's arthritis is far more advanced than mine - and absolutely immobilizes another friend whose arthritis (although she is older) is only just starting to give her problems.

so there yuh go! the three extremes!
Is it all shrimp or just farmed shrimp? I've heard that farmed shrimp are really terrible because of how they're raised and people should be eating fresh caught shrimp whenever they can, although given the state of the oceans these days, I'm not sure that's actually healthier.

I've gotten hives from shrimp three or four times and I finally figured out it's the Seapak shrimp I get hives from. I've gotten hives once from an off brand, but if I stick to Gorton's shrimp or the shrimp from Safeway, I'm fine. I have no idea why one brand of shrimp would give me hives and another won't. Maybe it's their supplier.
It's possible the different additives for preserving could be a culprit, but I would be very cagey about anything that gives me hives. Only a couple of steps away from full blown allergic reaction right up to anaphylactic shock.
Irritating arthritic conditions is not quite the same thing.
Please RR be careful!

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