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Head Chef
Jan 16, 2016
Puget Sound, WA
Thank you! I'll be having someone out in June to look at the oven and then if the one I have can't be fixed, I'll have the one I had in the other trailer transferred over.

At that point I should finally have my kitchen set up and be cooking again.

I'll drop a note or so from the library when I get there again.

Take care you guys!

Cooking Goddess

Chef Extraordinaire
Jul 21, 2009
Body in MA ~ Heart in OH
Hey RR, good luck with settling back in at home. I hope the oven gets fixed and the squirrel has left your house in good shape. Guess you'll find out what he was up to when you get home. Meanwhile, looking forward to your next update.

...Uh, guys? I'm not sure I want to ask this, but what happened to Kayelle and RockLobster?
I sent a message to Kayelle's DC mailbox earlier this week but haven't heard back yet. On a positive note, her inbox wasn't full. I guess that's a good sign. I sure wish she and Cheryl would pop back in to let us know they're still OK.
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